Offering student loan assistance as an employee benefit can provide several advantages for both your employees and your company:

  • Increased Job Satisfaction:  When employees know their employer has their best interest in mind, they are not only happier working but happier with their employer as well.
  • Higher Productivity:  When employees are less financially stressed they have the energy and motivation to produce their best work.
  • Enhanced Employee Retention & Attraction: 90% of working professionals say that having a student loan repayment benefit would positively impact their decision to accept a job offer, recommend an employer, or stay with their current employer.
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TSLHG's Mission

TSLHG’s mission is to equip your employees with a deep understanding of their student loan repayment and forgiveness options with our comprehensive counseling and processing services.

We do not believe borrowers should have to pay to learn their options. TSLHG supplies your employees with complimentary and personalized consultations, providing them with the information needed to best manage their situation.

As an A+ rated business with hundreds of five-star reviews, borrowers can be sure of TSLHG’s commitment to hard work and professionalism.

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What Employees Will Receive

  • Complimentary one-on-one consultations with a state-licensed counselor
  • Default, Active Wage Garnishment, and Tax-Offset services
  • Comprehensive processing services handling all submissions, authorizations, maintenance, and communications with thorough auditing of documents
  • Access to regular news updates on their student loans
  • Webinars with Q&A
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